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CrossFit Goat – CrossFit (Goat)


Hey Goats! Did you know you can win a Fit Bit Charge 2 courtesy of Patrick? Video yourself doing 3 minutes of burpees and #crossfitgoatburpees on either IG or FB to enter. Contest starts today and a winner will be announced on the 15th. This is a members only contest.

Standards are the same as they are in the gym:

Hips must be open with shoulders, hips, and heels making a straight line when viewed from the side.

You must jump and clap.

Chest hits the ground every time. Chest means chest, not just hips or stomach. We know that trick.

You have 3:00. GO!

Deadlift (Build to a Heavy Set of 3)

Two weeks ago, we established a heavy triple. Again, this is not an effort to find a 3-Rep Max.

Metcon (No Measure)


Not For Time:

15-12-9-6-3 Romanian Deadlifts (

15 AbMat Sit-Ups after each round
You choose the load for the Romanian deadlifts, and build in each round. Start at 30% of your 1RM Deadlifts (regular), and steadily build by feel. The final set of three repetitions should not be a heavy effort, but a moderate one.

author: Amanda Greaver