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Tuesday, 04/12/2016

CrossFit Goat – CrossFit (Goat)

Shoulder Press (1RM)

Weighted Pull-ups (1RM)

If you cannot complete a weighted pull up then your score is zero and record the other info in comments. Next scale is max strict pull ups. The next scale after that is as many negative pull ups you can achieve at 31A1 tempo. That means 3 sec down 1 sec pause at the hang and Assist back up. You only have 3 sec to assist yourself back to the bar. If the tempo fails to be met the test is over. The last scale is ME ring rows at 30X0.

5 min Pull Up Test (Time)

Max rep Strict Pull Ups in 5 min. Each rep must be controlled on the way down. You cannot fall from the top or its a no rep.
The scale is ring rows. No kipping. There are two feet positions. 1 is feet directly under the rings. 2 is four toe to heel steps from under the rings. once you choose you may not switch positions during the workout.

Rest 10 min

5 min HSPU Test (Time)

Max rep HSPU in 5 min. RxPlus is Strict. Scale is push ups. Hand width must be between 36″/34″

author: Amanda Greaver