The Benefits of Crossfit Goat


There are so many benefits to joining the Crossfit Goat community besides more knowledge of workouts. The extensive benefits include receiving nutritional advice, developing a healthier mind, finding great friendships, diverse class programming, knowledgeable, friendly coaches and a real sense of community. It’s about working toward your personal goals and creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself. Here at Crossfit Goat, our mission is to help every individual feel a part of our family and accomplish the healthy goals you have for yourself. Crossfit isn’t just for Olympians or marathoners- It’s for everyone!

Crossfit Equals Health

Crossfit is one of the growing ways to exercise that doesn’t wear down your body as much as running does and it’s much more dynamic. We design workouts that are about strengthening various parts of your body at the same time and the intensity level gradually increases as you train more. It’s a great way to challenge yourself and do something outside your normal gym routine or a great path to begin toward a healthier lifestyle. At our gym, we also provide classes about nutrition and how to approach eating that will balance out your workout efforts. Having better nutrition is also so important for not just your energy level and physical capabilities, but for your mind. When you are providing your body with all the nutrients and proteins that it needs to run properly, you will have a clear, focused mind. The skills that you will learn here are ones that can be applied to other aspects of your day-to-day life.

Fitness is in the eyes of each individual

At our gym, we work out together, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to perform at the same level. It’s important that you go at your own pace and do whatever workout you feel is right with you. Everyone has different fitness goals that we want to help you achieve and don’t expect you to be at the same performance level as an individual, who does an annual Iron Man competition. In a class, whether you finish first or last-we are all here to support one another! You go at the pace that works for you and there’s no pressure to complete to x number of classes by x number of days. Our coaches are here for you and help you challenge yourself on a level that you feel is comfortable. There are so many different contributing factors that craft your CrossFit experience, so there’s not just one workout for everyone. Everyone here at Crossfit Goat is about supporting each other and embracing individuality.

Our Core Community

One of the best things that come out of joining our gym is the sense of supportive, welcoming community you get and developing friendships that will roll out of a gym atmosphere into your daily life. We have a team atmosphere here and there’s a real sense of camaraderie with everyone who comes through the gym doors. You can bet there will always be someone here to help you, whether that’s if you feel discouraged or just need a workout buddy. Everyone has dealt with the difficulties that you might be facing now when trying to make a change for a healthier lifestyle. You won’t feel as if you are all alone on your journey because here at Crossfit Goat, we have your back!

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author: Amanda Greaver