New to Crossfit?

So, are you ready to dive right into the sport of CrossFit? If you’re feeling a bit unsure – don’t worry, you’re not alone. Contrary to what you might believe, doing CrossFit when you’re new or not very strong will not be a massively humbling experience. In fact, the first several weeks are arguably the most wonderful and memorable for someone who is new because you’ll frequently blow past your body’s self-imposed limits, and that’s a great feeling.


Never tried CrossFit? Great! We are excited to invite you to a FREE class and we want you to bring your friends!


We want to learn a little about you and why you’ve decided to give CrossFit a try. Ready to lose weight, build strength, or prep for a competition? We want to hear the details!

This is our opportunity to introduce you to our members and show you around the gym. There’s no globo-gym contract talk after the session either. Just show up, have fun, and make a few new friends. We never corner anyone after the session because we believe our awesome community speaks for itself. There’s no reason not to give us a try!
We are happy to help answer any questions you might have about training at CrossFit Goat and look forward to meeting you!
– Team GOAT

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New to Crossfit