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Kid’s Crossfit Is A Blast!

Between being in school all day, homework and video games, how’s a kid supposed to stay active? CrossFit Goat offers kid’s crossfit classes that are scientifically designed to help kids burn energy, get in great physical shape and have a ton of fun!


Crossfit is more than just a way to exercise. It provides a community of fitness minded people that support you as you move toward your goals. What we’re finding is that as the adults are working on losing weight, getting into shape, etc, the kids are interested in the same things! We have young people who participate in various sports working out with us as well as those that aren’t necessarily sports minded. It’s a great blend and the kids tell us they’re having a blast!


Crossfit For Kids Of All Ages!


We have kids as young as 8 and as old as 15 participating in the kid’s crossfit classes. Some of our members have fitness goals like running a marathon. One of our guys is getting ready for his first triathlon and several have run obstacle course races which are becoming more popular. Whatever the reasons, crossfit classes are great for the kids!

Get Fit!

We started CrossFit Goat back in a garage back in 2011. We were the very first Crossfit gym in Dacula. Our customers said they loved our grassroots style of fitness, and we’ve since moved into our commercial space which is bigger and better than we could have ever imagined!
We have a community of fitness minded people that come together regularly for crossfit classes. Since many of our customers have become close friends, the kids of our customers have bonded as well. From this, we decided to start kid’s crossfit classes and they’ve really taken off! We really have become a place where family’s come to get fit!


It doesn’t matter if you’re athletic, new to working out or seasoned athlete, we’ll work with you at your own pace and push you toward your fitness goals. Any goal worth having is worth sweating for. We’ll work at your speed and help you get there. Check out all our fitness classes!


Our staff is extremely accomplished. We have former Olympic athletes as well as national competitors ready to push you. Are you ready to get to the next level of fitness? Be our guest for a complimentary training session and come experience the difference personally.

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