Here’s The Truth – The Misconceptions of CrossFit


Setting The Record Straight

There are so many misconceptions about the purposes and methods of Crossfit that we wanted to break down these false statements to show you that this engaging form of exercise, is not what you might think it is. A good number of people are intimidated to try Crossfit and there isn’t a single reason to be unless that’s not the type of workout that you think is right for you. Let’s deal with these misconceptions head-on.

1. The intensity is overwhelming and you’ll pass out on the floor

This won’t happen to you and you will make it successfully through your sessions. Our diverse work out programs are meant to strengthen both your body and your mind, but not at a pace or performance level that is exhausting. We have a dynamic range of clients from all backgrounds and levels here at Crossfit Goat and aim to help every achieves their specific fitness aspirations at an appropriate pace. All our coaches are here to provide quality instruction for you and won’t rush you to perform at some ridiculous level. Everyone at our gym will be cheering you on, whether in a class you are the first one or last one finished.

2.Crossfit is a gateway to Injury

There are many ways you can accidentally injure yourself and there is a risk with any type of physical activity, but there is not some guarantee for an injury that our members overlooked when they chose to begin at our gym. Safety is something we take seriously and our certified instructors will challenge to perform at your best, but not in a relentless, soul-crushing manner. If something feels wrong and your body is telling you something, take a break and speak to your trainer. Remember to always stay hydrated, eat foods full of protein and that provide you with energy.

3.It’s Only For Athletes

Another large misconception concerning Crossfit is that it’s only for athletes or for people who live, breathe, drink the gym. Crossfit is for everyone! It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at or your athletic ability. When you step into Crossfit Goat, we are here to help you achieve your fitness goals and challenge you, in a healthy, encouraging manner. Everyone is at different levels and the first step for anything is that you believe in yourself. Our gym is for all types of people, not for one specific type.

4.It’s Too Expensive

One final misconception is that a Crossfit gym membership is too expensive compared to other gyms. Every gym is different and set their prices depending on a number of different reasons. Our gym prices are comparable to those around us and when you buy a membership, you’re not just paying for quality instruction and equipment, but an encouraging community. Our gym offers you fifty percent off your first month and you can come try a free class to see if our gym is right for you. You gain a plethora of supportive people, who want you to succeed and help you achieve your aspirations.

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author: John Burroughs