Health and Fitness Is Our Core Community


At The Basis of It

When you join any type of organization and spend a lot of time with a group of people, a camaraderie develops and there’s a real sense of community. You feel you have another support system and feel you belong somewhere else in the world because you’ve found others who share the same mission or principles that you possess. At CrossFit Goat, we have a supportive, positive community, which revolves around living healthy and staying fit.

Every coach and member not only take their participation seriously, they are there for each other. It’s important to each of us that we keep on challenging not just ourselves, but each other. Our coaches are here to help you achieve your health aspirations with dynamic instruction and well-crafted programming. It’s not about how many reps you do or how long you last holding a weight, it’s about challenging you at the pace that’s right for you.  There is this perception that CrossFit is for pro athletes and intense marathon runners, that a CrossFit gym is incredibly competitive or overwhelming to join- but that isn’t our atmosphere here or what we try to create.

Everyone Has A Path

There is a set starting place beside deciding to live a healthier life and walking through our doors. We all inspire each other to better ourselves and one another. Everyone knows how working out, at least for most people, isn’t the most appealing or easiest thing in which to commit. So when you actually do take those first step through the doors, no one is going to judge you for your workout or what’s in your diet. No one is going to judge you on your outfit or your nervousness when showing up to your first workout. We have all been there. Changing how you live your life can be hard, but every member here at the gym understands the tough beginning.

Everyone has a different journey, but we all have the same aspiration to better ourselves and live a healthy lifestyle. At the gym, we all work hard and build one another up. It’s not about all becoming a size two and getting into those skinny jeans or getting great back muscles, but to help you better your body and mind. Being healthy and fit applies to people in various capacities, but it’s something we can all achieve together.

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author: John Burroughs