Goat History: How Crossfit GOAT Became Our Name


Even though the word “goat” now holds the connotation of Greatest Of All Time to a lot of people, that’s not the core reason as to why we attached that word to our name. There’s a real story as to why that’s our moniker and why it’s a fitting representation of our mission.

CrossFit Goat was the first CrossFit gym to affiliate in Dacula and was established in 2011 in a garage. Goat operated under a different name, in the beginning, CrossFit Confidence. Everything about the property was grassroots CrossFit….the garage with no heat or air conditioning, where we gutted out blazing hot and freezing cold workouts, the land behind it, where we would substitute sled drags for strapping a tow rope to our bodies and dragging the softball field, the homemade pull-up bar made from threaded galvanized pipes. Back then, there was no Reebok CrossFit and you had to drive 20 minutes to find the closest affiliate – if you were lucky.

There were two little goats on this property and they escaped artists. We’d be doing push-ups and we’d look up and there they were, chewing on grass or whatever they had found to eat, just watching us work out. One day, I was talking to my OG coach, Greg Webb, and we were discussing all the CrossFit affiliates that were popping up everywhere. As I looked up to see our two furry friends walking into the gym, I joked that we should re-name us CrossFit Goat. He says, “Goat? Like Greatest Of All Time?” And boom, the new name was born.

We provide a variety of different programs and well-crafted exercise lessons to create a productive workout every time you visit us. Crossfit is for everyone- no matter your age or athletic ability. It’s about strengthening your body, mind and challenging yourself that leads to a happier, healthier lifestyle. At Crossfit GOAT, we have your back and aim to make you feel a part of our community, not just to assist you with a regular workout. We want to help you achieve your goals, whether that means prepping for a competition, getting toned or just trying to live a more active lifestyle. You now know our story, so come share yours with us!

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author: Amanda Greaver