Are you an experienced CrossFitter looking for a new training sanctuary and some place to call your second home? We know that joining a new box is a huge decision – you’re looking for a place that offers more than just an awesome workout, you’re looking for a great tribe of people too. To help with your decision, drop into one of our many classes to experience the atmosphere for yourself. We have some of the most experienced CrossFit coaches in the Dacula area, so whether your goal is to compete at competition level or to blow past your self-imposed limits we have the right stuff to help you get there.

Looking for a new CrossFit box? We’d love to have you here. We understand that it’s not just the workout, it’s the vibe of the community too. That’s why we invite you to drop in and check us out. Go ahead, talk to our members and ask them how they like it. They’ll tell you they love it! Talk to our coaches about the gym programming, their experience, and make yourself right at home. Our house is your house.



If you are an experienced CrossFitter coming from an affiliated box, we’d love to give you a free drop-in. Come experience the gym vibe, meet the coaches, and talk to our members.

Not only are you getting to hit a free WOD, this is a great chance for you to talk to us about your goals and why you are here. We are always happy to help, and we’d love to hear a little about your story.

Fill out the form below and one of us will give you a shout to coordinate which class will work best for your schedule (we like to give our coaches a head’s up on drop-ins). We look forward to meeting you!

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