But I’m tracking macros, what do I do?


The holiday season typically means family, friends and plenty of food.  You may ask, “But I’m tracking macros, what do I do?”, or “So much food, so little paleo!” or hundreds of other nutrition-based questions.  While the thought process and dedication is admirable, sometimes we all seem to forget that occasionally it’s okay to relax for a moment and not be the “weird” person with family or friends.

Former CrossFit Games champion Jason Khalipa said in the past that no matter what training and meal plan he’s doing if it’s his daughter’s birthday he’s having a slice of cake.  Jason is proof that a bit of relaxing and enjoyment here and there won’t ruin all you’ve worked for.  I’d also be willing to put money on him not thinking he’d HAVE to do 350 burpees the next day because of that slice of cake.

There’s been a weird thought lately that letting go for a moment is something that needs to be viewed poorly or punished.  That’s far from the case.  If you eat the right thing 19 times out of 20, you’re doing well 95 percent of the time, that’s an A in any system of measurement.  If one “slip up” is going to ruin all the progress you’ve made then you have bigger problems to worry about.

This isn’t a permission slip to spend the rest of 2017 eating poorly or drinking nothing but eggnog because this blow said it’s okay.  Clearly, there’s moderation needed!  But if you’re concerned that having a slice of pie or a family recipe meal is going to make you less fit or something that needs to be punished, then you’re overthinking this whole process.  We do what we do to enjoy life fuller and for a longer time…part of enjoying life includes giving in sometimes.

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author: Brandon Domingue