Buns And Guns


It’s For All Levels of Skill And Bringing Unity

For the 3rd consecutive year, CrossFit Goat hosted the friendly competition “Buns and Guns” the weekend before Halloween.  This fitness competition among members of CrossFit Goat and our friends at SBG Buford was considered our best yet.

The morning started with an adrenaline-packed opening event with each team of two men or two women (in either Open or RX division) racing through a five bar clean ladder.  Multiple athletes wound up with a personal record lift and most of those who didn’t set incredibly quick times to start the day with a confidence boost.

The next event was a throwback to the inaugural “Buns and Guns” with a twist of the outdoor event from that year.  It was the return of push-ups and kettlebells, but this time the amount of work changed, and the athletes each performed deadlifts with the two kettlebells instead of a farmer’s carry.  Showing how the athletes at each gym have progressed, the time cap from the original event was shattered as every team finished in nearly half the time allotted.  Event two proved to be a true sign of how everybody has raised their game.

The final event was a two-part battle featuring rowing and jump ropes in part one, then the ever-hated thrusters in the last four-minute event of the day.  This was a test of who wanted to push to the “dark place” as each team was responsible for 50 thrusters per athlete in the last test; the teams did not disappoint.

This competition is always seen as a “friendly competition” and that tradition held true this time around as all athletes and coaches were phenomenal about putting aside gym alliance and supporting one another.  It’s stayed as a two-gym event because it has the family reunion type feel.  We are proud to say that the feel of that has never been lost by the athletes on the floor.

Congrats to our winners, those who set a new bar for themselves, and everyone who participated in any aspect.  Thank you to the judges and everyone who gave a helping hand as well.

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author: John Burroughs