Building Muscle
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Building Muscle Takes Work!

Build Muscles. Get In Shape

Whatever your fitness goals are, at CrossFit Goat, we’ve got what you need to get there. We have everyone from newbies, housewives, weekend warriors to professional level athletes in crossfit classes together. Work at your own pace, but set your goals and let our fitness minded community work with you to get you there.


Any goal worth having is worth sweating over. If you want bigger muscles or just want to get more tone to what’s there, we can help. We believe in motivating you (versus screaming at you!) along with a supportive environment. People tell us our fitness classes are some of the best they’ve ever experienced. Not only that, but our crossfit workouts help people accomplish things they never imagined they’d ever be able to do. You can become one of our success stories. Try a free class today!


We have customers coming from all around Dacula including Lawrenceville, Buford and Flowery Branch just to work out with us. Why? One simple answer- results. You’ve been to other gyms where people show up just to look good or to chat. Not here. We have a great time, but we’re focused on the tasks at hand. For most of us, that’s about getting into the best shape of our lives.


To help you define and build your muscles, we have a variety of services which include:

  • Crossfit workouts
  • Personal training
  • Weight training


Come experience what makes us different at CrossFit Goat. We know you’ll love what you see!

Get In Shape!

We’ve been helping people build muscles and get in shape since 2011 when we held our very first crossfit class. In those days, we were working out in a big garage. In fact, we started the very first crossfit gym in Dacula. People told us how much they loved our grassroots approach to fitness. Since those days, we’ve offered a variety of crossfit classes and added personal training, weight training and even kid’s crossfit classes.


We’ve built a community of fitness minded people that’s stronger than ever and continuing to grow. You can feel the difference with our people and our coaches as soon as you walk through the door.


Our staff is extremely accomplished. We have former Olympic athletes as well as national and even world competitors ready to push you. If you’re ready to get to the next level of fitness, then you’re ready for our fitness classes. We work with anyone from housewives, newbies, experienced athletes to major competitors. Let us help you reach your fitness goals. Be our guest for a complimentary crossfit session and come experience the difference personally.

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